Vertical Spooler  E-1.200VS

Vertical Spooler  E-1.200VS

Electrorrec® supplies vertical and horizontal spoolers for collapsible spools or bobbins, with various constructive sizes suitable to join any wire production line: bullblocks, tandem or multiple cones drawing machines. Traversing spoolers can be supplied under request.



Rewinding Line DB-1.200/ENC-630B
Rewinding Line DB-1.200/ENC-630B

Rewinding lines consisting of tilting pay-offs and spoolers with hydraulic loading and unloading system.


We reserve the right to modify according to technical improvement.



Coiler RCIC-1.000
Electrorrec® supplies coilers for non-ferrous wires, insulated or non-insulated conductors (RCIC and RB series) and ferrous wires (RCH and RCI series), for both baskets and barrels, with the lastest technology (accumulator for continuous operation-non stoping during barrel change, rosette layering system, vibration equipments, etc.). Coilers are designed to join any existing production line or new line (wire drawing or extrusion lines). Coilers can be also used as a rewinding units.