In Line Drawing Machine  PRE-TRE 600

 In Line Drawing Machine PRE-TRE 600

Horizontal bobbin wire drawing machines (various constructive sizes) to work in line with tandem rod breakdown wire drawing machines for copper or aluminium alloys, bullblock drawing machines, bending machines as well as presses


Technical Details

Wire diameter

from 3 to 20 mm.

Bobbin diameter

500 to 1.000 mm.


Bullblock Drawing Machines  MST

Bullblock Drawing Machines  MST

Horizontal and vertical bullblocks (various constructive sizes) with controlled accumulation system (series MPV), free torsion double accumulation system (series MST), straight through system with dancer (series MTR) or straight through system with sensor roller (series MTRS).


Drawing Machine TRI 800/600
Drawing Machine TRI 800/600

Suspended capstan drawing machines (series TRI), multiple cones drawing machines (series M and MT), tandem multiple drawing machines (series TRE) and in line wire drawing machines for enameling lines (series EM), various constructive sizes. If required, drawing machines can be supplied with continuous resistance annealers




Rod Breakdown Wire Drawing
M-9E with Stringing Unit

Electrorrec® offers comprehensive plants for for the moderate production of domestic and flexible cables, telecom, and coaxial cables, which requires a relatively low investment. The plants consist of rod breakdown wire drawing line, fine wire drawing line, stranding line, extrusion line and coil making line.

Rod Breakdown Line with Annealer and Coiler

We reserve the right to modify according to technical improvement